Câble Geek à double manche Keychron

UGS : Cab-20


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Claviers Keychron compatibles : série Q/série Q Pro/série V/série C/série C Pro/claviers à profil bas/clavier 81 Pro/K4 Pro/K10 Pro

Keychron Double-Sleeved Geek Cable

Whether you're looking to match your keyboard or simply keep track of its cord, try this Geek Double-Sleeved USB C to C Cable. Flexible, durable, and available in different vivid colors!

The double sleeves give it a beautiful texture plus extra durability, as well as the included type-A to type-C adapter for your convenience.


Connection Type: type-C cable + type-A to type-C adapter
Sleeve material: TPE + PET Braided
Length: 100 cm (39.37 inches)

Compatible Keychron Keyboards:

Q series / Q Pro series / V series / C series / C Pro series / Low-Profile keyboards / Keyboard 81 Pro / K4 Pro / K10 Pro