Câble aviateur enroulé personnalisé Keychron

UGS : Cab-L


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Le câble enroulé personnalisé Keychron propose des options de couleurs gris, noir et bleu à sélectionner.


Keychron Custom Coiled Aviator Cable 

Whether you’re looking to match your keyboard or simply keep track of its cord, the Custom Coiled Aviator USB Cable from Keychron is a flexible and durable choice for any setup.

A stretchable coiled construction allows for easy integration onto desk spaces large and small, which is an excellent design for today's keyboard.

Available with a type-C connector, the custom cable features a detachable aviator port to support a wide range of solid connections. 

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Aviator Port: 5 Pin (GX12)
Connection Type: type-C cable + type-A to type-C adapter 
Compatible Keyboards: Q1, C1 and C2
Coil Length: 46 cm
Normal Length: 90 cm
Total Length: 136 cm 

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