Ensemble de touches Keychron K4 (Version 2)

UGS : K4Keycap

Crafted with premium ABS material, providing amazing ergonomic support and fits your personal style with your favorite K4 keyboard.

What does it mean to you?

For K4 v1 version users - This keycap set makes your keyboard has the same keycap color as K4 v2 Aluminum.

For K4 v2 White and RGB Backlight version users - You will get an opposite keycaps color scheme as your original keycaps.

For K4 v2 RGB Aluminum Frame version users - You will get an extra set of keycaps which has the same color with your keyboard.

Here are photos to compare the color scheme between different K4 v2 keyboard versions.

K4 v2 White Backlight and RGB Backlight Keyboard

K4 v2 RGB Backlight Aluminum Frame Keyboard

We use standard size keycap on K4 v2 as shown in the picture.


Material: ABS
Stem: MX style
Profile: OEM

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