Keychron Q1 Keyboard Video Review 

Keychron Q1 - The Best $150 Custom Keyboard - by Dave2D

"That's a nice sounding keyboard to me I particularly like the space bar. It's this nice deep thunk."

 Keychron Q1 Review - A Crazy good keyboard for the price! - by Randomfrankp

 "This is crazy good, crazy crazy good! I can say it 10 more times."

 Full Custom Keyboard For $150!!! - Keychron Q1 - by Shortcircuit

 "Keychron Q1, I really like it. I think that if you are looking for a new keyboard, it is a solid option."

 Keychron Q1 - An INCREDIBLE $150 Keyboard!! - by Hamaji Neo

 "The Keychron Q1 is not original by any means but it's a pretty good board and Q1 is just a better choice."

 KEYCHRON Q1 - THE Best Entry Into the Custom Mechanical Keyboard Hobby - Major Flex on the GMMK PRO. - by Keybored

 "I think the Keychron Q1 is a crazy deal for a keyboard that offers so much and has so much potential."

Gateron Cap Milky Yellow Review Ft. Keychron K6 V3 + Sound Test and Comparisons - by TechBroll Apr 16, 2021

" It is been about two weeks that I've been using it and so far no real issues I'm actually really enjoying it and I don't see myself ever going back to the standard mac keyboard."