Keychron Keyboard Video Review - December 2022


Caroline Wong | January 4, 2023

 My Office Desk Setup Tour 2022 - Clean & Productive - by ThisIsE

"This low-profile mechanical keyboard is absolutely fantastic. It not only looks great, but it helps me write faster. It‘s very satisfying to use, and the blue switches are just amazing to listen to."

I Tried Making a Custom Keyboard (So You Don't Have To) - by Hipyo Tech

“I think this is a pretty good deal. This keyboard has a solid build quality, well tuned and stabilized keycaps and on top of that, it just feels like a premium product for a great price."

Keychron Q1 Version 2 || Banana Split Switches || Customization & Sound Tests - by Tiddant

"This is the latest Keychron keyboard in their Pro line up. Pre-lubed switches and sound absorbing foam make this keyboard sound so good."

I Found the PERFECT - SOUND TEST Keychron K6 Pro Wireless Mechanical Keyboard - by Marc Taraz Steiner

"I think that this thing is an absolute beast. The build quality is great, it has some nice heft to it. The bottom is an aluminum plate which I really like."

New Keychron Q10 Alice Layout - Is It Worth the Price? - by 2GuysTek

"The Alice layout so far at least has been easier to adapt to than I would have thought and using this board again so far has solved the odd numbness and in my left hand which really is the most important part what I recommend this board to you."