Keychron Keyboard Article Review - July 2022

Keychron's first Alice-style mechanical keyboard was worth the wait. - by Frederic Lardinois @TechCrunch

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"I was happily surprised by the Q8. Like most of Keychron’s recent offerings, you could easily use it as is and be perfectly happy with your choice, but with just a few small mods, you can make it great and shape it according to your needs."

“There’s also per-key LED, of course, to light up your daily typing session. The PCB can handle both three- and five-pin MX-style switches. And like those other boards in the Q series, you can switch between Windows and Mac compatibility and like those other boards."

Keychron Q5 Review: Big, heavy, and full of potential. - by Andrew Myrick @androidcentral

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"The Keychron Q5 is the epitome of an excellent keyboard that won't cost an arm and a leg. Keychron implemented support for VIA macro customization, and you can easily swap out pretty much every part on the board to make it your own."

"The Keychron Q5 is a fantastic option for most, and should definitely be in the running for your next keyboard. And thanks to VIA becoming a web app and ChromeOS compatibility out of the box, you can rest easy knowing that it’ll work with any of your devices now and in the future."

Keychron‘s V1 aims to win over mechanical keyboard newcomers - by Scharon Harding @arstechnica

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"The V1 features hot-swappability, which is a treat considering the board's price. It makes sense to offer hot-swappability in an entry-level keyboard. Mechanical keyboard newbies have lots of switches to experience, and a hot-swappable keyboard is the perfect way to try out and then customize the way your keyboard feels."

“Entry-level keyboards tend to come with budget switches. The V1's Keychron switches (linear red, tactile brown, and clicky blue) are good enough to start."

Keychron Q5 Review: A full-sized mechanical keyboard in a compact shell - by Andrew Orr @appleinsider

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"The Keychron Q5 is great for people looking for an alternative to a full-sized keyboard, as the keys missing in this 96% layout aren't going to matter for most users. It's not a good option for iPad users because there are lighter, cheaper keyboards that match the iPad's portability."

"To help reduce typing noise and pings from the metal, the Keychron Q5 contains a layer of case foam as well as sound absorbing foam. The double gasket design uses silicone pads between the top and bottom cases to reduce noise resonance between the layers."

Keychron K8 Pro mechanical keyboard review - by Mike Dixon @the gadgeteer

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"The Keychron K8 Pro keyboard has several features that enticed me to give it a try. The first is its capability to run wired or wireless. The second is its three device wireless capability. Last but not least, its Gateron G Pro mechanical switches."

“The Keychron K8 Pro mechanical keyboard is built like a tank. Its compact size fits on any desk, and the keycaps are really great. The sound-absorbing material inside makes the keyboard feel solid."

Keychron K3 Keyboard——by Ben Dahl @COOL MATERIAL Nov 2020

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It’s also the world’s first hot-swappable, low-profile, optical-switch keyboard, so you can hot-swap every switch to customize your typing experience without soldering, just pop the switch in and it’s done. With a mechanical or optical switch version, the two versions of the K3 make it suitable for home, office, light gaming or anything else you’re looking for in a keyboard that helps you get the job done.