Keychron Low Profile Mechanical Switch

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Quantity of one set

Each Keychron Low Profile Mechanical Switch Set comes with 110 pcs of switches to choose. 

Keychron Low Profile Mechanical Switch

You've come to the right place if you're looking for a fast, comfortable, and reliable low-profile mechanical switch. Our exclusive Keychron Low Profile Mechanical Switch triggers an input at 1.3 mm that is around 35% faster than a conventional switch, allowing for the responsiveness and reliability of mechanical switches in an ergonomically designed low profile keyboard. It delivers a smooth and distinct travel experience with up to 50 million keypresses.


Unique Dustproof Wall Structure

The MX-styled stem is designed with a unique dust wall structure to resist the intrusion of dust and reduce the stem wobbliness, which ensures a more stable typing feeling. It is also compatible with most low-profile keycaps with MX-style design.


Excellent Backlight Effect

With a transparent housing cover, these SMD-LED compatible switches have a high light transmittance and provide an excellent backlight effect.

Factory Pre-lubed

The Keychron Low Profile Mechanical Switch is factory pre-lubed which has reduced spring noise and internal scratchiness to enhance the smoothness of the switch.

Product Information

Low Profile Red Switch

Operation Force45±8 gf
Pre-Travel1.3±0.3 mm
Total Travel3.1±0.2 mm
Operation Life Up to 50M cycles
Finger Strike FeelingVertical, fast and responsive, light pressing force, soft rebound

Low Profile Banana Switch

Operation Force55±8 gf
Pre-Travel1.4±0.3 mm
Total Travel3.1±0.2 mm
Operation LifeUp to 50M cycles
Finger Strike FeelingBump at top, fast and responsive, strong pressing force, clear rebound

Compatible Keyboards

K1* / K1 SE* / K3* / K5* / K5 SE* / K7 / K1 Pro / K3 Pro / K5 Pro / K7 Pro / K9 Pro / K11 Pro / K13 Pro / S1 Low-Profile Gateron Mechanical keyboard (*Soldering is required in order to alter a switch on the K1, K3, K5 and S1 (Non-hot swappable version) Low-Profile Gateron Mechanical keyboard)
*Low profile Gateron Mechanical switch keyboard is not compatible with any conventional mx style mechanical switch.

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