Keychron France ISO ABS Full Set Keycap

SKU: JM-003


This full keycap sets (France ISO layout) for keychron  keyboard. The keyboard is not included, this is only keycaps.

Keychron France ISO Layout ABS Full Set Keycap


1. Users of US ANSI layout keyboards should note that the French keycaps are ISO layout. Although keycaps can be installed on US ANSI layout keyboards, there are differences between the US ANSI layout and the ISO layout, so there will be some keycap size mismatches. Please make your purchase after determining if these differences are acceptable to you.

2. The color of the keycaps is dark gray, due to the effects of light when shooting, the picture color and the real thing will have some differences.

Full Set - France Layout

This time Keychron releases ABS Full Set Keycap bringing great convenience for your Keychron keyboards. This full set keycap has all the keycaps you needed for Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5, Q6, Q7, Q9, K2, K4, K6, K8, K10, K12, K14, C1 and C2, but is not compatible with K Pro and Q Pro,C Pro series keyboards.

The following is the effect of key caps installed on the keyboard

K6 UK ISO Layout Keyboard

K2 UK ISO Layout Keyboard