Unbox the Gateron Cap Switches [detailed reviews and sound test]

Gateron just launched their newest designed switches recently called the Cap Switch. The new design upgraded the traditional design. Instead of the traditional MX stem which is inserted into the bottom housing, the new stem is like a cap wrapped around the bottom housing, which is where the name "Cap Switch" came from.

We just got a small bunch of units to test out. Let's start to check these amazing switches (you can check here to purchase). If you want to know the sound test of the Gateron cap switches, please go to the bottom of this article to check it out. 

This time we got two types of Gateron Cap Switch, a Golden-yellow Switch and Milky-yellow Switch. 

Golden-Yellow Cap Switch

Milky-Yellow Cap Switch

What advanced capabilities does Gateron Cap Switch Design have?

 1. A Thicker Center Pole in the Stem - More Stable, Less Wobble

​The new cap design makes the center pole in the stem thicker than the traditional switch (the red central stem is thinner than the cap switch). The center pole is like a cap and it wraps the center mast, unlike the traditional design where the center pole is inserted in the center mast. Gateron claimed that the new design makes the cap switch more stable than the traditional and reduces wobbliness, which increases the switch thickness as well as stability.  

​2. The Hole Design at the Bottom of the Housing - Smoother Key Presses

The hole at the bottom is connected to the interior of the center pole. This design takes into account air resistance, which allows air to be released with each press. This reduces press resistance and makes the presses smoother. The traditional red switch doesn't have a hole at the bottom of the housing.

Gateron MX Switch VS Gateron Golden-Yellow Cap Switch

The Stem

The Golden-Yellow Cap Switch is like a cap.

The Bottom Housing

 The golden-yellow cap switch has a hole and the traditional one does not.

The Top Housing

The top housing has almost the same design with the traditional switch, but in yellow.

The Spring

The golden-yellow switch has an old plated spring that is longer than the red MX switch. 

Gateron MX Switch VS Gateron Milky-Yellow Cap Switch  

The milky stem's material has the automatic oiling function. Automatic oiling can increase self-lubricating performance, which generally improves the smoothness, stability and life span of the switch.

The Stem

The milky-yellow switch stem is the same as the golden-yellow switch.

The Bottom Housing

The shape of the housing on the bottom is almost the same as the golden-yellow version.

The Top Housing

The housing on the top has almost the same design as the traditional switch, but in a milky color.

The Spring

The milky-yellow switch has an old plated spring that is longer than the red MX switch, but is the same as the golden-yellow one.

The Backlight Test

​Under office lights, I can't see the golden-yellow cap switch's backlight ( Q A Z ). The milky-yellow cap switch's backlight ( W S X ) is less bright than the normal red switch.

Both the golden-yellow and milky-yellow cap switches don't have the LED window, so it’s not compatible with SMD LED.

The Sound Test

This sound test is from “The Asian Nerd.” If you want to know more about the new switches, please watch his test videos. 

The golden-yellow cap switch:

The milky-yellow cap switch:

The Gateron Cap Switches can be adapted to Keychron K2, K2 (Hot-swappable) version, K4, K6 or K8 keyboards, purchase it in the link below if you like it:


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