Keychron Q1 comes with south-facing RGB, screw-in stabilizers, and sound absorbing foams.

South-facing RGB

Unlike most conventional mechanical keyboards that come with north-facing RGB, the Keychron Q1 comes with south-facing RGB designed for custom mechanical enthusiasts.

What is south-facing RGB, generally speaking, the south-facing RGB means backlight can shine-through from the south side (aka the side that is near the typist) of the switch from the top-view.

South-facing RGB is less common than north-facing RGB. However, south-facing RGB is popular amongst custom mechanical keyboard builders because it lets them see the backlight easier even on non-backlit shine through premium PBT keycaps and other keycaps where the backlight does not shine through. On top of that, south-facing RGB is also fully compatible with the Cherry profile keycaps while it's still popular among enthusiasts, which allows you to use any type of keycaps without interference; delivering the perfect sound and feel.


In order to make the Keychron Q1 compatible with almost all the MX style 3pin and 5pin mechanical switches on the market, we designed the SMD LED underneath the PCB so it won’t cause any incompatibility with any other mechanical switches. By doing so, you can easily hot-swap every switch in a few seconds to customize your typing experience on the Q1 without soldering.

Screw-in Stabilizers

Every small detail matters for a premium typing experience, even the screw and foam. Not to mention for the hot-swappable south-facing switches, we invested an endless amount of effort into crafting the Keychron screw-in stabilizers and sound-absorbing foams in the Keychron Q1 to make it as satisfying to type on as possible.

Optimized for strength and sustained use, the screw-in stabilizers on the big keys (enter, shift, and space bar, etc.) of the Keychron Q1 are strong, stable and smooth. It plays the main role to reduce noise while typing and prevent the stabilizers from popping out during custom builds while maintaining stability for long-term usage.

With its “pre-clipped” inserts plus specially shaped outer casings to prevent threads from stripping, these stabilizers are as durable and smooth as they are eye-catching.

In addition to its durability, the screw-in feature will provide keyboard enthusiasts great convenience when customizing stabilizers, saving your time and energy.

Sound-absorbing Foams

The sound-absorbing foams incorporated throughout the keyboard (inside of the keyboard bottom housing, in the middle of the plate and PCB) provides a series of benefits. Some benefits include less high-pitched sounds coming from the keyboard if you are sensitive to keyboard sounds and reduced noise from the plates to make the keyboard a more immersive typing experience.