Keychron Keyboard Video Review - Q1

It is what it is. | Keychron Q1 Custom Keyboard Review - by Tokaku 

"This is, a great keyboard to get for beginners who need this kind of layout and functionality. The sound is good enough and it is very very beginner friendly to mod."

 Build-A-Bear Q1 Mod Build (ft. Alexotos) - by BadSeed Tech 

"Based on the sound and typing feel I would choose the Q1. If you are willing to and have the budget to do these mods I would suggest you do the same. "

 Adding Knob to Keychron Q1 | Silicone, IXPE Foam & Force Break Mod | Barebones Unboxing | Sound Test - by GoodingBD

 "So, I decided to replace both case foams with silicone rubber which will achieve similar, if not better, results without sacrificing flex."

 Small Tape, Big Difference | Keychron Q1 Mods (Gateron Phantom Reds, GMK Olivia) - by :3ildcat 

"All right so here is what the keyboard actually looks like. I like that click clacky sound. It has got a decent weight to do it."

Keychron K2 v2 Unboxing, Review, & Sound Test - by Consumer Tech Review 

" The Keychron K2 v2 is a 75% mechanical keyboard that feels awesome in stock form, much better than many keyboards in the same price range."

Gateron Cap Milky Yellow Review Ft. Keychron K6 V3 + Sound Test and Comparisons - by TechBroll Apr 16, 2021

" It is been about two weeks that I've been using it and so far no real issues I'm actually really enjoying it and I don't see myself ever going back to the standard mac keyboard."