Keychron Keyboard Video Review - K14,K8 Pro,Q3,Q4

Best Stock Mechanical Keyboard Under $200? Keychron Q3 Review - by Brandon Taylor

“It looks like it's worth more than the actual asking price so with that being said this gets a full recommendation from me when it comes to a stock keyboard and I will be recommending Keychron Keyboards to more and more people."

Modding The New Keychron Q4 😲 - by Too Much Tech

"In this video I make my brother build his first "thocky" mechanical keyboard. This is the Keychron Q3 with Gateron CJ switches. But... there's twist."

The BEST Wireless Customizable Keyboard Just Got Better! | Keychron K8 Pro - by Ahnestly

“The K8 Pro also comes with QMK VIA built into it which means you can basically switch the functions of every key and set macros on your keyboard very easily."

Keychron Q3 Review - Recommended Entry TKL Keyboard - by Haurjie 

“I've recommended the Q2 before for an entry-level 65% keyboard in terms of quality, so I can pretty much say the same for the Q3, especially coming from me since I personally have a preference towards TKLs."

Keychron K14 Keyboard Review - Wireless and Compact 70% board - by RTINGS com

“It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth, and you can pair it with up to three devices simultaneously. The unit we tested has Gateron G Pro Brown switches that feel fairly light to type on and offer good tactile feedback.”