Keychron Keyboard Video Review - Q1,K2

The Best 75% Keyboard I've Found! - by Hardware Canucks

"This is the best 75% keyboard I've found so far and it gets top marks on the market. But there are things you need to know after I used the Keychron Q1 for over three months now. "

 Hands-on: Keychron Q1 mechanical keyboard - a super-customizable work of art - by 9to5Mac

"The Keychron Q1 is a highly-customizable mechanical keyboard that's comprised of mostly aluminum. It features hot-swappable key switches, customizable key caps, and additional customizable internals. It's truly a work of art"

 $169 vs $69 Mechanical Keyboard! | Keychron Q1 vs K2 - by Cole Caccamise

"Today I compare two of my favorite mechanical keyboards - the Keychron Q1 and K2. Both are fantastic options at their price points, but is the new custom Q1 worth $100 more?"

 Keychron K2 Hot swappable Mechanical Keyboard - Review and Sound Test - by Aaron Kim

"The Keychron K2 is one of the best mechanical keyboards in 2021. It's also the one of the best budget mechanical keyboards in 2021. If you're looking for wireless hot-swappable mechanical keyboard under $100, this is probably the one. "

Keychron K2 v2 Unboxing, Review, & Sound Test - by Consumer Tech Review 

" The Keychron K2 v2 is a 75% mechanical keyboard that feels awesome in stock form, much better than many keyboards in the same price range."

Gateron Cap Milky Yellow Review Ft. Keychron K6 V3 + Sound Test and Comparisons - by TechBroll Apr 16, 2021

" It is been about two weeks that I've been using it and so far no real issues I'm actually really enjoying it and I don't see myself ever going back to the standard mac keyboard."