Keychron Keyboard Article Review - October 2022


Keychron Q8 Review: A good starter ergonomic & mechanical keyboard - by Malcolm Owen @appleinsider

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"As a keyboard in its own right, the Keychron Q8 is a luxurious choice for those who want a decent typing experience. Those who have lived using cheap keyboards will undoubtedly be spoiled by Keychron's hefty but highly enjoyable peripheral."

"It's also in what is called an Alice layout, one which aims to improve the ergonomics of typing by splitting the key into two sections. Each half is angled out to the side, reducing the strain on the user's wrists by being able to hold them straight, not bent."


Keychron's slim new mechanical keyboard is super-customizable - by David Snow @cult of mac


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"The QMK/VIA support on both the Bluetooth and wired modes open up plenty of possibilities for users’ workflows. Using macOS, Windows or Linux, they can remap any key and create macro commands, shortcuts or combination keys on different layers."

"Many switches for mechanical keyboard are nearly 18mm tall. But the K3 Pro’s low-profile Gateron switches are 12.2mm tall, Keychron said, yet they still deliver a “distinguished tactile response.”  


Keychron Q10 Custom Mechanical Keyboard Review - by Christopher Coke @mmorpg

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"The Keychron Q10 is a very solid keyboard, straight out of the box. With the pre-assembled version, I was impressed by how smooth the Gateron Pro linear reds were. There was no spring ping or reverberation through the case. It’s a smooth, clacky typing experience even without doing any mods for yourself."

"If you’ve been looking for an ergonomic keyboard, the Keychron Q10 a solid option. In fact, for an all-aluminum Alice, it’s one of the best deals you can find today."

Best Keyboard 2022 - by Danielle Abraham @ign

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"You don't need a thick, clunky keyboard to get the benefits of mechanical key switches. Low-profile, mechanical switches are available, and the Keychron K1 delivers them with aplomb."

"Even if your lacking space, it doesn't mean you have to miss out on a quality keyboard. Keychron makes a ton of high-value options, and its Keychron K3 takes the company's knack and applies it to an incredibly compact form factor."


The best how-swappable keyboard in 2022: all the top customizable decks compared - by Tabitha Baker @gamesradar

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"With all the customizations they go through, the best hot-swappable keyboards need to be tough enough to take a beating. The Keychron Q2 isn't just tough, it's an absolute unit. This is easily one of - if not the - heaviest keyboards to grace our testing desk."

"Switching between the Mac and Windows compatibility is easy with the FN key giving you access to three different connections and a small switch on the side swapping modes as well. Plus, that 4000mAh battery will ensure you're tapping away without worrying about your juice running out as well." 

Keychron K3 Keyboard——by Ben Dahl @COOL MATERIAL Nov 2020

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It’s also the world’s first hot-swappable, low-profile, optical-switch keyboard, so you can hot-swap every switch to customize your typing experience without soldering, just pop the switch in and it’s done. With a mechanical or optical switch version, the two versions of the K3 make it suitable for home, office, light gaming or anything else you’re looking for in a keyboard that helps you get the job done.