Keychron Keyboard Article Review - Q2


Credit to @ cole.caccamise

"It feels crisp and solid, and the keyboard’s stabilizers (the mechanisms that stop larger keys like the space bar from wobbling) don’t rattle when their keys are pressed. It’s a premium package and exactly what you’d hope for with a keyboard costing this much."

" It’s well made, easy to customize, and feels great to type on. It even sounds a little better than the Q1 to boot."

Hands-on: Keychron Q2 - a compact mechanical keyboard with programmable control knob [video] - by Jeff Benjamin @9to5Mac

Credit to @mr.atton

"The Keychron Q2, a brand-new fully customizable mechanical keyboard in a super-compact 65% layout, makes for a pretty sweet Mac desktop companion. Not only does it feature the ability to fully customize every key, but it comes with a tactile programable knob that can be configured to control various functions on your Mac."

"I really like the Keychron Q2, and it will most likely replace my Magic Keyboard as my keyboard of choice for my Mac mini desktop setup. It features great build quality, takes up minimal space, and features a ridiculous amount of customization."

Keychron Q2 Review: Small Size, Big Upgrades - by Myles Goldman @tom's hardware

"The Keychron Q2 comes with quiet sound, screw-in stabilizers, a well-constructed gasket mount design and a highly configurable rotary knob."

"Overall, I’m really impressed by how the Q2 performs out of the box; the stabilizers have been improved a satisfying amount."

Keychron Q2 review: customizable keyboard addiction starts here - by Raymond Wong @INPUT

Credit to @thexumystery

"While more serious mechanical keyboard nerds will thumb their noses at a mainstream brand like Keychron, I'm glad it exists to create "affordable" customizable mechanical keyboards like the new Keychron Q2."

"The Keychron Q2 is arguably the most delightful customizable keyboard starting at $169 (again, without knob) that I have ever used; the non-Knob version of the Q1 costs the same so it’s really a matter of compactness preference. There are keyboards that cost more, but bang for buck, the Q2 is an all-around winner."

Keychron Q2 Mechanical Keyboard review: Compact customization - by Christine Chan @iMore

Credit to @qamaaidill

"The Q2 is also gasket-mounted like the Q1, but this time it's a double-gasket design. Keychron added silicone pads between the top and bottom cases, which helps significantly reduce sound resonance."

"For those who want a compact 65% layout mechanical keyboard that is high quality, fully customizable, hot-swappable, and includes a rotary knob for a reasonable price, the Keychron Q2 is a great one to consider."

Keychron K3 Keyboard——by Ben Dahl @COOL MATERIAL Nov 2020

Credit: @Emma Bostian

It’s also the world’s first hot-swappable, low-profile, optical-switch keyboard, so you can hot-swap every switch to customize your typing experience without soldering, just pop the switch in and it’s done. With a mechanical or optical switch version, the two versions of the K3 make it suitable for home, office, light gaming or anything else you’re looking for in a keyboard that helps you get the job done.