Keychron Keyboard Article Review - K8 Pro,Q2,Q3

Keychron K8 Pro mechanical keyboard review: An affordable trip back to the Mac future - by Matthew Miller @ZDNET

Credit to @ cole.caccamise

"While I enjoy using the Keychron Q1 as a rock-solid keyboard, the K8 Pro is another great option that I am enjoying pounding away on daily. These mechanical keyboards are very affordable, and the ability to fully customize them to your preferences with switches and keycaps makes them a must-have accessory for your daily work."

 "I've only touched the surface of the VIA software and am impressed by the possibilities of using this open-source software to create an extremely productive and efficient keyboard experience to help you get work done.”

Keychron Q3 Review: An excellent base for mechanical keyboard customization - by Mike Peterson @appleinsider

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"If you already own a more compact mechanical keyboard but want a bit more breathing room, the tenkeyless design of the Keychron Q3 will suit your needs. Coming from a Keychron K2, the additional space on the Q3 makes everyday typing tasks a lot more comfortable.“

“First-time mechanical keyboard buyers will get a lot of value from the Q3. You'll have a solid, durable mechanical keyboard that will last your years. Additionally, you'll be able to tweak your keyboard to your heart's content down the road. It's a solid investment.”

Keychron Q3 Review: A Great Beginner Custom Keyboard - by Christopher Coke @mmorpg

"Like the Q1 and Q2 before it, this is a great platform to build out your own custom keyboard experience and see what this quirky, fun, and addicting hobby has to offer."

"Another win here is the screw-in stabilizers. These are Keychron-branded but are quite good. Out of the box, they were generously lubed and didn’t rattle."

Keychron Q2 Review: "Great for work but doesn't hold up for play" - by Tabitha Baker @gamesradar

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"There's plenty of premium features baked into this mid-range price point that typists and customizers will love - from the ability to open up that gasket mounted case to the excellent sound dampening already available."

"Mac and Windows users will be getting their money's worth with the Keychron Q2 - keycaps for both system are included straight out the box and there's even a handy dual switch to swap between your machines."

The All-Aluminum Customizable Keychron Q3 Keyboard - by Gregory Han @design-milk

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"Additionally, the keyboard is macOS friendly out of the box, with a layout retaining the same multimedia and function keys as a standard Apple keyboard and Windows compatibility via USB Type-C cable."

"Our favorite aspect of mechanical keyboards is the sound and tactile feedback customization. The Q3’s gasket mount design delivers gentle resonance and a responsive fingertip feel out of the box, with the option to tweak further depending upon which switches lay under each key."

Keychron K3 Keyboard——by Ben Dahl @COOL MATERIAL Nov 2020

Credit: @Emma Bostian

It’s also the world’s first hot-swappable, low-profile, optical-switch keyboard, so you can hot-swap every switch to customize your typing experience without soldering, just pop the switch in and it’s done. With a mechanical or optical switch version, the two versions of the K3 make it suitable for home, office, light gaming or anything else you’re looking for in a keyboard that helps you get the job done.