Introduction to the Keychron Q1 customizable mechanical keyboard 

We are thrilled to announce that after over a year of research and development, the Keychron Q1 customizable mechanical keyboard will be launched in August. Different from Keychron's original K series, the Q1 is our first-ever QMK compatible keyboard packed with premium features and unlimited possibilities if you’re into customizable mechanical keyboards.

Once you go QMK, you can’t go back. QMK is by far the most popular open-source firmware used by customizable keyboard enthusiasts, as it enables users to easily program their keyboard to communicate with a computer in many ways. The VIA configuration allows you to modify your keys with several layers and program macros or change the backlight any way you want. 

VIA is a program that works with QMK. By using VIA, you can select the key you want to configure or modify on your keyboard layout. The layer function in VIA allows you to assign keys to multiple functions, which is important for smaller keyboards. On top of that, you can also program macros or change the keyboard backlight or keyboard layout any way you want.

QMK is a fantastic firmware with lots of possibilities and customizability like the multi-function keys, and the QMK might even completely support wireless keyboards in the future.The Keychron Q1 customizable mechanical keyboard comes with an out-of-the-box QMK/VIA keyboard firmware file. Below is the video showing how to program the customized keys via VIA in the Keychron Q1.

Apart from the QMK firmware, the Keychron Q1 keyboard is also equipped with a variety of amazing features for keyboard enthusiasts: gasket mount design, screw-in stabilizers, south-facing RGB, ANSI / ISO layout, hot-swappable, CNC aluminum body, sound absorbing foam.

These features are designed to fit not only your demanding keyboard configuration requirements but also your dedicated typing experience.

Our first pioneer QMK keyboard Q1 is coming soon! Share this blog with someone who may be interested or join our Facebook group to further discuss the Keychron Q1 customizable mechanical keyboard.